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we are Tina and Uschi and we come from Germany.

In 2020 we fulfilled a dream and emigrated to Sweden. We now live here with our Bernese Mountain Dog and two cats, surrounded by nature and enjoying a much more stress-free life than in Germany. We have also brought or small ceramic workshop with us, wich we want to establish in Sweden.

Christina Liebke (Tina)

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We love what we do and our heart beats for special things.

Ursula Liebke (Uschi)

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Osiris & Isidor (The boys)

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Short review

  • 2001 we started painting ceramics.
  • 2005 we started with the production of our ceramics.
  • 2006 we sold our goods at a Christmas market for the first time.
  • since 2007 we are offering our illuminated candles, which still inspire and are in great demend to this day.

In Germany, we only sold our products at a two-day, small, local Christmas market and processed and shipped other orders throughout the year. Otherwise, our products only became known through word of mouth and because people saw the pieces on friends or family members' home and wanted something great too.

Again and again, we were also asked if we have a website through which you can order from us. But we could not have done, because with a full-time job it was always just a hobby for us.

We have regular customers to this day. We are very happy and are also proud that our products are so appreciated and admired. Thank you for such nice feedback. :)

You have to see what we're doing


Look What We Do

2021 - Here we go!

I would like to make more of the hobby my mother and I have, because here in Sweden almost everyone who has seen our candles has been enthusiastic. The decision is made, I'll start my own business and set up a small manufactory.

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First of all, of course, we had to find a suitable name, which wasn't that easy. But then we had the brilliant idea: Again and again, when people asked us what we make out of ceramics, we answered: "Ceramic candles with inner workings and electric lighting." Well, if you know our candles, you immediately have a picture in mind. But if you don't know it, you literally only have a big question mark on your face because you can't imagine anything under it. But once people see the pictures, they can relate to the description.

So it's not at all easy to just describe our products and then find a company name that can do that. Because you have to see what we do. And that was exactly the moment when the company name was born - Look What We Do

Designing a company logo that shows our most well-known product was much easier. ;)

It was clear from the beginning that sales can only work via an online shop. Producing the quantities that would be necessary to be able to present our offer on a store is simply almost impossible because of the many different variants. Since the goods come from our own production from start to finish and are painted according to customer requirements, production to order is the best solution for being able to produce individually and flexibly.

For us, this means that quality takes precedence over quantity, because our heart lies in creating individual products.

The next step was the creation of the homepage and online shop. While our candles are the flagship product, there are of course other items and so, for the beginning, there should be a bit of each offered.

But since we still have a lot of ideas and other products, we will be able to bring out new products again and again for a long time, and a newsletter is just the right thing for that.

For us, it means:

quality  over quantity.

our workshop
our workshop
our workshop
our workshop
Step 1: poured into mold
Step 1: poured into mold
Step 2: cutting
Step 2: cutting
Step 3: polish
Step 3: polish
Step 4: painting
Step 4: painting

Production and delivery times

Although we always try to serve the orders as quickly as possible, we ask for your understanding and respect that it may take a few weeks as we are just a small family business. This is what makes our products so special - they are not mass-produced!

Delivery times want to vary as many of our goods are seasonal. Therefore, it naturally wants to look different depending on the season. An example could be our popular candles that many wish for Christmas. It can be smart to order that particular item well in advance. Our products are made of natural materials that are affected by temperature and humidity. Under certain circumstances, it takes longer from start to finished product. We deliver as fast and reliable as we can, without loosing the quality.

That is why there is always a general delivery time in the shop, which we adapt to the current situation and which offers you a reference point. But of course, individual some articles can also be manufactured faster.

As soon as we have placed the order, we will send you an order confirmation by e-mail which specify the really/final delivery time for your ordered product(s).

If you need to know exactly how long it will take before you order, e.g. because you need a gift in a certain date, just write us a message (see above or start page).

Now the online shop is up and we just want to reach and inspire even more people than we have been able to before.

Thank you

First of all, a big thanks goes to a very good friend for her help in finding and establishing the homepage and online shop:

Thank you very much Wenche for not only being enthusiastic about our products, but also believing in the whole project from the start and supporting us so much and helping us with many other things! We will never forget that! :)

And of course a big thank you to everyone else who helped us, e.g. with the offer to advertise us, or who supported us in other ways and are still doing so.

Many thanks! :)

Make someone happy, or allow yourself something beautiful and bring the special into the house, garden and  life.