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Welcome 2024 - the year is off to a good start


Message from 23.01.2024

First of all, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

We enjoyed a relaxed Christmas season and used the rest of our company holidays for small renovations in the new year. One half of our living room has always been our craft corner. So it was set up so that there were shelves for goods, paints and other utensils and our table where we could paint and do other crafts. But now we have redesigned this area and equipped it with two large desks and many more cupboards, so that we have more space for work and storage (you can see pictures on the right). Now we're just waiting for our new desk lamps to arrive, then our new workplace will be perfectly equipped. We can't wait to get back to work and painting again in the newly designed craft corner.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone who supported us so much with their purchases last year and made this makeover possible for us...Thank you very much!

Unfortunately, there is also some not so good news:

We are still slowed down in production due to the weather.

We've been back from the company holidays for a week and are immediately processing everything that lands in our inbox, but we can't get started in the workshop yet. Because of the sub-zero temperatures (often in the double-digit range) that lasted for days around the turn of the year and in the first few weeks, our tub with the liquid casting clay froze into a massive block. Even the current single-digit plus temperatures don't help much to unfreeze the block again. And the fact that we don't turn up the heating in the workshop to full capacity is hopefully understandable, because we all want to contribute to climate protection and not waste energy unnecessarily. Even if we did, it would take several days for this huge block of ice (approx. 60 liters of clay) to unfreeze and that would consume a lot of energy (we would then have to pass on energy costs to the orders)!

Given the current weather forecast, we roughly estimate that we won't be able to start working in the workshop again until the end of February.

But we are already working on a solution so that we can still cast a few parts and produce orders during this time!

We thank you for your understanding and will do everything we can to ensure that you are satisfied.

Have a nice start into the new year.

One side of the old craft corner
The new craft corner offers more space
Frozen casting clay (approx. 60 liters)


The year is coming to an end


Message from 17.12.2023

And once again it was a very nice Christmas market, for which we would like to thank Anna and Markus once again! Of course we will be there again next year.

We have stowed away everything we had from the market and can now put the new items in the shop.

And that's not a little:

There is a large Christmas ball and also a small Christmas ball with a new motif. Suitable for the small Christmas balls, we now also offer a separate stand on which you can hang the small balls. Our little chubby snowman Lillebror has been joined by his big brother Kalle. We complemented the Christmas balls and candles with an oval landscape, which has the same lighting like the candles. If you would like something to hang in the Christmas tree, on a gift package or on another place, then we have something new for this case too. On our Aurora trailers, we captured the spectacle of the Northern Lights over an icy landscape. And last but not least, Knut rolls into our shop with a snow or Christmas ball.

We still have a few pieces left from the Christmas market. Just take a look to see which item you are interested in and what version of stock is listed. Of course, you can also write to us and ask about an item directly.

The time before the Christmas market is always a bit stressful and that's why we want to enjoy a cozy and relaxed Christmas time like every year.

We are on holiday until January 14, 2024. And as usual, we are giving a 10% discount on all orders placed by December 31, 2023.

From January 15, 2024, we will once again devote our full attention to all orders received.

Don't panic... of course we will process orders for goods that we have in stock immediately!!!

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year.

We do it again - Christmas market 2023.


Message from 03.11.2023

We enjoyed it so much last year that we will be taking part in the 3-day Christmas market at Tykarpsgrottan Hässleholm again this year.

Like last year, we will be standing in the old tunnel again. At a constant +8°C it will get cold over time, but the cozy atmosphere with the cozy lighting will warm your heart.

We will again have our candles and Christmas balls with us, as well as little things if you are just looking for a small Christmas present or souvenir.

If you were there last year and are now thinking, "I've seen it all", wait! It will be worth visiting us again this year because there are new products waiting for you at our table. If you regularly visit our site, you've probably noticed that there weren't many new products and promotions here this year (unfortunately, the year didn't quite go as we planned).

We are bringing some new products to the Christmas market! But pssssst... what that will be isn't revealed yet... the excitement of the surprise is what makes Christmas really nice. ;-)

But this much can be said - there will be at least 3 (min) new items on our table.

So, come over:

When:            Friday 08/12 14:00 - 19:00 / Saturday 09/12 10:00 - 19:00 / Sunday 10/12 10:00 - 18:00

Where:           Tykarpsgrottan, Tykarp 7169, 28192 Hässleholm

Please note:    Admission with tickets, which can only be booked online and are limited.

You can find the ticket booking and all other informations on the Tykarpsgrottan homepage right here.

If you can't come to the Christmas market, don't be sad. We will also put all the new products in the shop after the Christmas market. If you're lucky and quick, you might be able to buy one or two pieces that are left over from the Christmas market and that we can then send out immediately. If the goods you want are not available, you are of course welcome to place your order and we will take care of it after our company holidays.

This Christmas market has a very special atmosphere.


News, After SALE and Christmas holidays


Message from 09.12.2022

It was a very nice Christmas market and we are already looking forward to next year.

After everything has been unpacked, listed up and stowed away and the computer has also caused problems, the time has finally come and we can also present the new products that we had with us on the market here in the online shop, too.

We have 2 new versions of the large Christmas balls and there are also 3 new motifs for the small Christmas balls. We also have a new candle where the Christmas tree sale is taking place. Matching the first snow, there is now a chubby little snowman who spreads a lot of joy and for those with a sweet tooth, we have freshly baked gingerbread to offer.

If you're still looking for a special gift, we're happy to announce that we still have a few pieces left over from the Christmas market. So you don't have to wait 2-6 weeks until we can send your order, but you could get your ordered goods in time before Christmas. Just take a look to see which item you are interested in and which version is in stock. Of course you can also write to us and ask directly for an article.

After the Christmas market we now want to enjoy a cozy and relaxed Christmas time. And since we would not get anything produced and shipped in time by Christmas (we need 2-6 weeks), we have decided to take company holidays until January 8, 2023. From January 9, 2023, we will again devote our full attention to all orders received. We are giving a 10% discount on all orders placed by December 31, 2022.

Don't panic... of course we will process orders for goods that we have in stock immediately!!!

We wish you and your loved ones a cozy Christmas season, a happy new year and stay healthy.

Christmas is a special time of the year.

Christmas market 2022 ... this will be special.


Message from 13.10.2022

It's safe ... we've got a table and we'll be there for 3 days with our candles, Christmas balls and a few other products at Tykarpsgrottans Christmas market in Hässleholm.

Although ... it would be more correct to say under ... because we are in the old tunnel, under the ground.

This Christmas market is really special, because the niches and arches in the disused tunnel that were created by the mining at that time are used as natural "sales rooms". Sometimes they are also decorated and equipped with burning candles. Despite the constantly cool temperature below ground, candles and subtle lighting illuminate the arches and corridors, creating a cozy atmosphere.

When:    Friday 02/12  12:00 - 19:00  /   Saturday 03/12  10:00 - 19:00  /   Sunday 04/12  10:00 - 18:00

Where:   Tykarpsgrottan, Tykarp 7169, 28192 Hässleholm

Please note:     Admission with tickets, which can only be booked online and are limited.

You can find the ticket booking and all other informations on the Tykarpsgrottan homepage right here.

This Christmas market will be very special.


Message from 13.10.2022

We were very happy about the many compliments on our goods and the amazed faces from the autumn market.

To the team from the autumn market: many thanks for the beautiful day and the friendly support. We'll probably see each other again next year.

As announced last time, we had a few new products with us, which are now of course also available in the shop.

Your friends, family and neighbors would call you "crazy" if you got out your winter candle and set it up right now? But you can hardly wait to let the cozy light shine again when you see the cold, wet weather outside your window on some days?

Then we have the solution: our Autumn Candle.

Gustaf will also ensure comfort on the gray days.

And Karl & Frieda can't be disturbed by anything anymore.

We now have additional color combinations and new designs on offer for our wicker basket series.

If you are already drawn to the cold season, then we now have a new outer color for the Christmas balls: dark blue with silver - like a clear, cold winter night.

We wish you a nice autumn time and stay healthy.

Autumn can be special.

New pieces from the autumn market


Message from 03.08.2022

It's a fact, we're in... the autumn market in Killeberg

We have achieved our first goal and are pleased to officially announce today:On October 8th we will be at the autumn market in Killeberg from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with our products!

Are you still not quite sure if you really like our products? We can understand that because sometimes it is difficult to decide from pictures.

But now you have the chance to be personally fascinated and convinced by our small and large specialties!

And maybe even fall in love with one of our pieces, so that you want to take it with you right away.

In addition to garden and decorative items, we will also have a few winter candles with us, but mainly neutral/year-round goods. (This isn't a Christmas market yet)

We also bring a few new faces and pieces to the table, but of course today we won't reveal what exactly.

If you're curious now, please come by. We look forward to you!

Autumn market here we come!            ...and hopefully you too. :) 

Saturday October 8th 

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m


Ådalsgatan 12

28396 Killeberg


Message from 31.05.2022

A whole year has passed ... what time goes by fast

We not only use our first year to set up the company and the store and to process orders, also to implement new ideas, to organize ourselves better in different areas and also to look for markets where we can exhibit this year.

And we can already say that this year we plan to take part in two markets.

As soon as we have the organizers' promises, we will of course post the message here on the message board and also send out a newsletter. (You are not registered yet? Sign up for the newsletter here and stay informed)

Also we were able to reduce some of our costs and we obviously want to share this with you.

Therefore, we have now permanently reduced the prices of certain goods.

And we want to celebrate our one-year anniversary by not only introducing Sven, Ole and Per as new members of our store, but also by giving you a 10% discount on all garden items the whole of June.

So we are happy to continue on this path, to grow and become better known ... let's see what the future will bring. We are very happy if you are there.

Stay curious about the special


Message from 05.01.2022

International shipping

We want to give everyone the chance to allow themselves something special. Therefore, we will now also offer shipping abroad.

Because the amount of the shipping costs depends on the country of the recipient, we cannot set a flat rate. Just get in touch with us and we will determine how high the shipping costs to your country would be for your order.

We cannot provide any information on any additional customs fees that may be incurred in the recipient country.



Message from 05.09.2021

Christmas can come

Christmas is guaranteed!

Start thinking about gifts for your loved ones now.

These are our new products for the winter and Christmas season:

A new candle with choir singers, a large and a small Christmas ball and a new insert with fir branches that you can choose directly at the containers.

Make Christmas special with our products - for your loved ones or yourself.